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Personal documentary films to capture your memories


Everybody's story deserves to be heard.

Everybody’s story deserves to be heard. Here at The Present Films, we offer professional documentary production services to help you preserve life’s special moments.

Capturing your baby’s firsts, telling your partner why you love them, leaving a few words of wisdom for your grandchildren, or promoting yourself and professional journey - whatever your purpose, we're here to bring your narrative to life. In doing so, our hope is to document your present to be shared for the future.

The Creators

Ever since Courtney Miceli & Taylor Palmer were kids, they’ve been capturing stories. As cousins, they can both remember the buzz of excitement when attending family gatherings with a camcorder in one hand and a bag of costumes in the other. They would race against the clock to shoot funny home movies with quirky characters, vibrant sets and, most importantly, potent story lines. That was their idea of fun - creating their own little worlds. 

They went their separate ways for a while, but stayed flowing through the same vein. Courtney attended Ryerson University for journalism. Her passion for storytelling, especially in the documentary format, led her to Discovery Canada where she produced content for a science news series before venturing out to fuel her growth at other production houses across the city. 

Meanwhile, Taylor went to Mohawk College for television broadcasting, where she mastered much of the directing, technical camera and editing skills that eventually allowed her to thrive in Toronto’s lively advertising and production industries, where she worked for large firms, such as Skin & Bones. 


Along the way, they each tried their hand at creative projects of their own, but throughout it all, they always promised each other that one day, they’d join forces to create something meaningful; something that would allow them to capture life’s most beautiful moments, just like they tried to do when they were kids. Now, after all this time, their parallel journeys have inevitably crossed paths yet again, and brought them here. The Present. 

Vanessa Spizzirri Illustration

How We Work


Step 1

Email us to book a FREE phone consultation. We'll discuss the vision for your film & our package options.


Step 4

You hand over digitized copies of any photographs, videos or documents that you'd like to include in your film. We can also scan originals!


Step 2

Book your filming slot with us. Depending on your film, this could be anywhere between 2-4 hours, or even multiple days!


Step 5

We piece together your film within 4-6 weeks and send you an edited version. We offer one FREE revision to your film.


Step 3

It's your time to shine!

Our team will travel to your home to capture your story on the day of filming. Virtual options are also available. 


Step 6

After all revisions are complete, we deliver the finalized film for you & your loved ones to cherish for years to come!


Sample Films

Professional Journeys

Montina is an independent artist from Toronto. Blossoming into motherhood has altered her creative style and process. She wanted to document this joyous transformation to provide clients with a more intimate look of her livelihood. 

Love Stories

This is an ode to the everlasting love between Jean & Jimmy Shields, a couple that met when they were just teenagers in the small town of Greenock, Scotland. The purpose of the film was to document their story as a keepsake for their daughters and grandkids. 

Family Histories 

Mike Palmer is always sharing tidbits of his family history with his grandkids. They decided to document his invaluable knowledge on film, tracing their ancestral roots through Canada for future generations to come. 


Includes: 1.5-hour interview, 1 camera setup, the use of your personal photos/ videos, editing, scoring, interview transcript, 1 free revision and a final film up to 10 mins in length. 

*Ask about our package add-ons

Individual Story

Starting at    $800

Film Packages

Couple Story

Includes: 2-hour interview, 1 camera setup, the use of your personal photos/ videos, editing, scoring, interview transcript, 1 free revision and a final film up to 15 mins in length. 

*Ask about our package add-ons

Starting at    $1,000

We also offer VIRTUAL packages whereby all interviews can be conducted via Zoom, starting at $400!

If you don’t see a package here that suits your budget or needs, please send us an email to book a FREE consultation!

We’re happy to create a customized experience to capture your story in the best way possible. 

*Ask about our package add-ons